Thursday, December 27, 2012

From MilesR: 28mm WWII American Paratroopers, Japanese Mule Train (190 points)

Miles adds some armour and logistical support to his growing Japanese collection while also branching out with some U.S. Paratroopers.

From Miles:

This time the total is 31 infantry, 4 pack mules and a tank all in 28mm. Picture one (above) shows the whole lot. 
The second is a 10 man squad of US paratroopers (Warlord Games Bolt Action line) 
The third picture is of 10 more Us Paratroopers from Black Tree Designs, 7 of which have BAR's and three have Thompsons.  I think I prefer the Black Tree Figures over the Bolt Action ones.
The fourth photo is some US Paratrooper Command and support - a two figure Bazooka team, a 30cal MMG, a mortar (60mm but I'll let is sub for an 81mm!) a artillery or air observer and an officer with his trusty colt.
The fifth picture is of a Japanese Mule Train which I plan on using as an objective in some upcoming games.
And lastly a picture of the  HoNi tank, like all Japanese tanks it's protected by paper thin armor but at least this baby mounts a 105mm Howitzer!

Great work Miles! I love the various mule train sets that Warlord produces for virtually every range they support - they are just so handy and add such character to the table. I also quite like your Warlord paratroopers, especially that mortar section.

These figures will give Miles a very tidy 190 points. You're keeping consistently near the top of the ranking Miles, well done!


  1. Miles, yet more WWII Pacific eye candy. I really like the AFV, hope it lasts at least as long as it took to paint!


  2. Congratulations, great models out there

  3. Very nice models, Miles. A lot of interesting paratroops, and the AFV is fantastic!

  4. I see your not slowing down Miles! They look great and that tank is just cool!



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