Tuesday, March 20, 2012

From PhilH: 28mm Gun Moll & Napoleonic Spanish Clergyman (10 points)

Phil sends us his last entries to the Challenge with this excellent 1930s gun moll for Sarah's Choice and a Spanish clergyman to give some spiritual fervour to his Napoleonic Guerillas.

From Phil:

'I wanted to finish a few bits this weekend and here they are. Compared to some of the Challengers, I might seem to be slacking on final straight, but I actually ended up having quite a lot of hobby time over the weekend, which I ended up spending prepping for future projects.'

'So, for my final set, part one: a 30s lady as my second entry for Sarah's Choice.' 

'She is from Copplestone's gangster range. I found a pack of street characters and a pack of ganster's molls in a bargain bin at the Cavalier show the other month. I picked them up for a future Pulp scenario planned involving a crowded scene, like a train station. This fashionable lady is the first of those.' 

'And finally, a certain elegance in my final entry, coming full circle with my last Spanish clergyman, if you recall I started the challenge with a miniature from the same pack - Perry Miniatures (who else?)' 

Excellent work, Phil! These two will give you another 10 points to add to your total. Its great that you reached your point-goal in the Challenge. Perhaps next year I'll challenge you to 1K?


  1. Boy that might be a winner as well.


  2. 1000? Crikey - might have to start prepping that now! Though it might give me a good excuse to buy into 10mm Crusades....

  3. Two excellent figures, the gangsters moll is very well painted!!!!Top marks ans like John said that's gotta be one of the favorites for Sarah's prize!!

  4. Very nice, Phil, wonderful models.
    This lady is a real winner.

  5. By she's a stunner.

    Great work


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