Tuesday, March 20, 2012

From KentG: 28mm Cowboys, Desperados, Civilians & Dismounted Cavalry (195 points)

I can sense a bit of good-natured panic with both Ray and Kent's emails, which makes the last hours of the Challenge that much more exciting and fun (well, at lease for me!).  Kent, knowing Ray is hard on his heels (in fact he is ahead of Kent at this point), submits this collection of Western cowboys, desperados, civilians and dismounted cavalry.

These 28mm figures are a mix of vintage Dixon and Foundry.

This group of twelve cavalry and fifteen foot will give Kent 195 points, reclaiming his lead. Nonetheless, I know Ray has a last effort on the horizon...


  1. Kent, you are emptying yor minis-box...
    It is a very nice and interesting group of model. I like a lot the US Cavalry.

  2. have you got anything left....?????

    sure you have

  3. Nice one Sir Kent!!! My number could be up? Or is it????

  4. Doesn't sound like its enough. Kent - do you have another batch up your sleeve?

  5. Really nice Kent and it looks like your keeping the heat up!



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