Tuesday, March 20, 2012

From KentG: 'He Ends As He Started' 28mm Imperial Romans (40 points)

What did I say about not trusting Kent to stop... He discovered that he had done the command stand for this Roman century about a month ago but had forgotten about them! Crazy.

These eight fellows will give Kent 40 points and will serve as his rearguard.

I'm going to be the bartender who sees the punch-drunk sailor wavering in front of the bar: 'That's it lad, you've fought the good fight. You're cut off...'


  1. Nice one Kent!!! The sucker punch, straight under my chin.....ouch!!!!
    Great painting Sir Kent!!

  2. Looks a little like desperation...

    They look nice though. Good work Kent!

  3. Very nice unit, Kent.

    Both of you have had a really hard fight.


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