Tuesday, March 20, 2012

From ChristopherS: 'Sarah on Safari' 28mm Victorian Adventuress in Africa (5 points)

Christopher sends in this great entry for Sarah to admire - she tells me that she's going to have a very challenging job ahead in her choosing her favourite female figure with so many excellent submissions. 

From Christopher:

'Here is my entry for "Sarah's Choice" part of the competition titled Sarah on Safari.  In exploring the Dark Continent and establishing settlements women in addition to organization, teaching and running households also took part in the defense of the community against dangerous animals and hostile natives. To sum it up these women had true grit and should be admired.'

'The figure is 25mm Foundry sculpt and was quite enjoyable to paint. I used a traditional color scheme of the time for traveling in Africa and the paints used were Vallejo.'

'Hopefully Sarah finds something of interest from this and I think the category was a nice and original idea.'

Great job, Christopher! I really like the dappled mud on her long skirt - very nicely done. This will add 5 points to Christopher's tally.


  1. Marvelous looking figure - nice work on the basing & weathering too. Dean

  2. Nice work Chris, lovely the muddy dress....

  3. Great painting Chris and like the other said, the muddy dress looks excellent!!!

  4. I just got a feeling that this may be the one!

  5. Lovely miniature, fantastic colours and weathering on her dress. I would think she is a strong contender.

  6. Excellent paint job. Well done really looks the part


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