Thursday, June 29, 2023

Snail Knight Heavy Cavalry for Turnip28

Hi All!

Today I have a unit of Heavy Cavalry for Turnip28. In the game these guys are called 'The Bastards' and, with a little luck, they can live up to their name to be quite rude on the tabletop. One of the optional, amped-up variants allows you to bring in 'Snail Knights' (I know, wtf) as a proxy, so I thought I'd kill two slugs with one salt shaker and have this unit fill both roles.

These models are from 'DogDogDog' on Cults3D. Certainly can't fault the designer's handle, and I think the sculpting is pretty terrific too.

I added a couple pavise shields for looks-cool-factor, and replaced the standard bearer's lance with brass rod to make it a little more survivable on the tabletop. Otherwise, they're pretty much stock.

The whacky heraldry was fun to paint up, though I certainly wouldn't want to be doing this for a unit of 24 models...

Next up: Character models from 'Familiar Tales'.

Have a good one!

- Curt


  1. Those are FABULOUS! Great sculpts, but more impressive is the way you have reimagined the heraldry - very effective indeed, and totally thematic with how I imagine flamboyant Middle Age Knightly chaps presented themselves. Bravo!

    1. Thank you Paul. Yes, it's very fun to work on these Turnip28 units as it's essentially a blank canvas, right?

  2. Quite whimsical. Like somethin from the marins of a Medieval Manuscript

    1. Yup like an annotated bog roll manuscript. ;) Thanks James.

  3. Splendid looking monstrous knights!
    Best Iain

  4. Lovely looking unit, ready to slug it out, all in the style of Sam Peckinpah!


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