Monday, July 3, 2023

Characters for 'Familiar Tales'

Last year I picked up the early release of 'Familiar Tales' as the group had very much enjoyed 'Mice & Mystics' by the same designer (Jerry Hawthorne from PlaidHatGames). 

Familiar Tales is a cooperative adventure game where the players run four wizard's familiars, trying to keep safe a baby girl as they flee evil forces that would otherwise do her harm. The game uses an app to run all the heavy lifting, leaving the players to enjoy a fairly rules-light session of gaming. The campaign is HUGE, with the baby girl growing into a precocious child and then a strong-willed teenager, so there is lots of gaming to be had before the conclusion of the story.

The four characters are:

'Chalk & Tweet' the stone golem with a heart of gold and his bluebird minder.

'Gribbert' the brave frog archer.

'Blaze' the fierce and resourceful fox.

and 'Flicker' the ever-optimistic fairy.

The figures are cast in a fairly hard plastic and the details are pretty good - great for using contrast paints and glazes. I'm a little embarrassed to say that I didn't spend a lot of time on them and it sort of shows. There are many better examples out there on Twitter and other's blogs, but these intrepid adventurers have served us well.

There it is: Familiar Tales, a great, light-hearted cooperative game that is perfect for a evening's diversion with a mixed group of players. We've been playing it with our good friends Gary and Mike, who we get to see about two times a year. FT is a great way to while away an evening, rolls some dice, and have a few laughs. Recommended!

- Curt


  1. Excellent work Curt! we should haul this one out again for a Friday game sometime.

    1. Thanks Peter! Yes, we should run this one out with the guys again. Maybe this autumn?

  2. What a characterful bunch of lovely figures!

    1. Thanks Paul! Yes, they're very cute and well-designed. Great little game too.

  3. Great looking cast of characters!
    Best Iain


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