Thursday, February 28, 2013

From SamuliS: 28mm Napoleonic French Battalion (182 points)

Samuli sends in another beautiful Napoleonic battalion for us to enjoy, this time its the French 21st Regiment of Line.

From Samuli:
Here is my next batch of models for the painting challenge. The 1st Battalion of the 21st Regiment for Waterloo. Perry plastics with some metal regimental command figures. Nice minis although I'm not too happy about the heads being attached to the torsos.

I quite liked painting these guys as the more ragtag appearance and many different types of equipment make them a lot more interesting to paint. As usual I've painted them with Vallejo paints and finished up with Army Painter dip and basing products. The flag is from GMB Designs again. Getting the whites to look good was surprisingly hard. Now I have a couple of layers of grey and white finished with army painter quickshade. Looks OK enough, but still got a lot of room for improvement. Maybe on the next batch.

I tried to paint all the backpacks etc. slightly differently to add a bit more variety to the unit. I think the extra effort makes the unit look quite nice and maybe a bit more realistic.
My points target starts to look a bit optimistic with all the university work and work obligations starting to pile up. Next up some Brits again to at least try close the gap.
Really lovely work Samuli. I particularly like the cowhide backpacks and the overall campaign grubbiness of these fellows. 

The 21st Line will give Samuli 182 points. Well done! I look forward to seeing the upcoming British...


  1. great work I do love seeing big units of Nap figures
    Peace James

  2. Great work Samuli, and what a devilish points total you have achieved!

    1. Thanks! Yeah I was thinking that maybe I should stop my submissions to end with a suitable points total...

  3. Well done Samuli - great work.

  4. These are great, the white also looks fine to me so I think your being hard on yourself



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