Thursday, February 28, 2013

From MilesR: 28mm ACW Infantry & Artillery (180 points)

From Miles:
Sorry I haven't been more prolific but my son's robotics teams have been taking a lot of time.  One of his teams just got invited to compete in the World Championship so the season will be going on a bit longer!

I have managed to finish another 24 figure Confederate infantry regiment (28mm plastic Perry's) and for a minor variation I've also done 2 confederate guns and crews (Perry 28mm metals) - 8 crew figures and two guns.

World Robotics Championships!? Wow, that is a really great way to be preoccupied. Congratulations to your son, Miles, you must be very proud.

AND great work on these Rebs. Even with your coaching hiatus you've managed to put a good dent in your ACW project.

This group of Confederate infantry and artillery will give Miles 180 points, enough to put him within striking range of his points target.


  1. great to see you back in the fold, glad your lads team is doing well. This unit looks very fine

  2. 2 more guns and crew and you'll have reached your target!

    Lovely work on the Rebs Miles :)

  3. Nice figures but great result for you and your son's team.


  4. A great group of figures. Really nice!


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