Saturday, March 2, 2013

From RayR: 15mm Grand Alliance Infantry Regiments (126 points)

From Ray:
Uh oh? Tamsin ahead of me, this will help though to redress the balance of the force.
Entry 13 is 3 units of Grand Alliance infantry. The first are 18 figures for Cannon's Irish who fought with the Scots at the battle of Killiecrankie.

The second two units both 21 figures and both Anglo-Irish regts who fought on the Williamite side at the Battle of the Boyne. The first blue flag is that of John Mitchelbourne's Londonderry foot, while the pink flagged unit is that of St John's Londonderry foot. 

All figures are once again from Essex and I made the flags!!!
A worthy riposte to Tamsin's latest entry, Ray, and beautiful work as well!

These three regiments will give Ray 126 points which includes bonus points for his excellent banners. This certainly helps to close the gap but will still not be quite enough to overtake Tamsin...


  1. These are very nice as always, now you will have Tamsin chained to her desk now ;-)


  2. Back into familiar territory here Ray; could this be the start of the big push to glory?

  3. I like these Ray. Nice to see them on the table top sometime!

  4. Lovely regiments Ray! :)

    But you need to paint up another 3 to overtake me! :p

    1. Just promise not to touch those X-Wings until after the contest. Focus, woman, focus.

  5. Nicely done Ray and you do need the points.

  6. They look pretty darn spiffy Ray!


  7. Great work Ray. Another late-competition surprise is building I'm sure...


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