Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thank You to our Painting Challenge Sponsor - 'Architects of War'

Ernie and Barb Baker of 'Architects of War' have been kind and gracious enough to offer prize support for this year's Winter Painting Challenge. To the Bakers I say, 'Thanks so much!'

Those of you who may have visited Analogue Hobbies in the past will have seen several products from 'Architects of War' emerge from my hobby table. For those who may have missed them I invite you to have a look below (click the captions under the photos) and to visit their great website. Their products are of a very high-quality and I'm delighted that they've offered to support our little endevour, encouraging hobbyists to display their mad skills and get projects completed.

In a future post I'll describe in greater detail on how I'll be awarding prizes for the Challenge this year as I've decided to make a few fun additions from the previous Challenge. 


  1. Thanks to Ernie and Barb! A very worthy sponsor, the excellence of their product matches the excellence of the competitors!

    I've a couple of their bits and they are fantastic pieces, well imagines and designed, if a little...hard on the wallet, so to speak.


  2. Must order some of those trees soon, they look great!

  3. Very interesting news. Their products are excellent.

  4. Very nice of them, I like the veggie garden :-)

  5. Darnit!!! I was hoping to join this and I should have, not for the product support but it would have been fun...oh well I guess I will have to be content with my blog...



  6. I've got a few of the tree plates and they are very useful in setting up a good looking but playable forrest. Superb product!

  7. That's very generous of them!!! Shame I'm still on 0 points though!! But not for long
    Mwa ha ha!!!!!!!

  8. This is really great Curt; likewise with Ray, no points but soon.


  9. It's great to see the suport this chalenge is receiving so thanks to the sponcers, though the fun I am having I really would do it without the prizes, May get some painting done later but next lot will be slow



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