Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Product Review: 'Architects of War' 28mm 'Garden Kit'

I picked up a bunch of stuff from 'Architects of War' about a month ago and promised that I'd post the finished results as they came off the hobby table. Well, here's a charming little vegetable garden from them that I assembled and painted pretty much stock out of the box.

The vegetables, scarecrow, sack of weeds and water pale came as white metal bits, while the base is a single piece of resin. (There is also a hoe that I decided not to put in.) There was no warping in the resin and all of the white metal pieces were relatively clean. I did use a bit of Liquitex gel medium to fill in some of the gaps where the foliage is inserted into the base, but any gap-filling glue would do the trick as well.  Bernie from 'Architects of War' has great assembly and painting instructions on his website for each item which is a great help. The whole thing painted-up pretty fast as it has a deep defined texture for quick dry-brushing.

I embellished the base with some grass tufts and flock for a bit of added texture.  I particularly like the scarecrow and footprints in the soil - kinda whimsical. I think it'll be a nice addition to the table for skirmish gaming.


  1. Good review and well done on the piece. Looks great!

  2. Thanks guys! The larger field is pretty much done so next is the tree-bases.

  3. Fantastic job! - I have done a few of their pieces myself, but hadn't seen this one. Always something spooky about a scarecrow!

    Paul of the Man Cave

  4. Thanks Paul! Its nice when someone looks back and finds something in 'The Archive' that they enjoy.


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