Saturday, December 24, 2011

From Curt: 28mm Norman Warlord, 'Tancred de Hauteville' (30 points)

Well, as I suspected, administrating the Challenge is absorbing a good deal of my hobby time. Not that I'm complaining, as its great fun chatting with everyone as their entries come in, but it has cut down on how much I can get ready for submission. Anyway, that being said, I have been grinding along and have just finished here my Norman warlord for my SAGA force. 

I've been reading the Jack Ludlow series of books describing the Norman de Hauteville family. They were large band of brothers who gained fame in Italy first as mercenaries then as powerful warlords. Its a good read and has helped keep my interest up as I slowly work through my Norman warhost.  

So in homage to the patriarch of that family here is Tancred de Hauteville charging on his warhorse with one of his 12 (!) sons acting as his banner-bearer. 

The Norman castings are 28mm Gripping Beast whereas the casualty figures are from Old Glory. There are a few slight conversions but nothing earth shattering. In addition the shields benefit from LBMS treatment and the banner is also an LBMS transfer mounted on foil. I clipped the edges of the foil to make it a little more visually interesting.

I've also snuck in a couple shots which include my Anglo-Dane warlord 'Heldrid' who is set to meet Tancred in a head-on smack-down. I just look at the Anglo-Dane and can hear him growling, 'If you think you've got something, well bring it...'. (Tim, note 'Heldrid's' redux bloodied long axe.) :)

This group will net me a modest 30 points. Onwards and upwards, eh? Currently I'm splitting my time between a fresh regiment of French Dragoons and more Normans - but more on that later.

Happy Christmas Everyone! 


  1. Beautiful work! Makes me want to dust off my Normans for game. Merry Christmas, Dean

  2. Normans look super cool. So these are your command stands? Where are the rank and file?

    Glad to see you have enough time to roll some points in!

  3. Looking very fine! That banner looks ace and the shield transfers are a lifesaver.

    Have a very Merry Christmas and thanks again for running the challenge


  4. Thanks guys, much appreciated!

    @Chris: Yeah these are the command stands. The rankers are still in process. Thought I'd get the big lads out of the way.

  5. Really looks great and full of motion!


  6. Damned fine work there Curt. I loved the story of the Hautville family after the Pope thought they were getting too powerful losing a campaign against them - They kept him "captive" until he pardoned them. Know wonder they did so well. You could well be creating a grerat dynastic army here!

  7. Help I need to get mine done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Very nice, the standard of all the entries is really high, starting to get cold feet LOL


  8. Cheers guys!

    I was a bit torn putting this base together as I know I'll want to do up the excellent new 'William the Bastard' casting from Bill Thornhill:

    I guess I can always remove Tancred at a later date and replace him with Bill the Bastard. That or just do-up another command stand. The silly things I spend time pondering over...

  9. Excelent Command bases, Curt. Both of them are great. I expect to receive your Viking this week so I´m going to paint him with some of my own Anglo-Danishs.


  10. man i love this one it's so animated the figures are beautiful so colourful. well done i nlook forward to your next

  11. Juan, Kent, thanks for the kind support - its much appreciated.

    I've been so busy at work and with the holiday season that I haven't had the chance to get down to the post office to start delivery! So, enjoy your holidays as it will be some time before any Vikings start arriving on doorsteps demanding to be painted.

  12. You make very beautyfull stands with lot of action on them. I really like that!



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