Wednesday, December 21, 2011

From Curt: 28mm Anglo-Dane Warlord, Hrolf Heldrid (20 points)

I thought that since I'm the host I should set a good example and get something done early.  I burned a bit of midnight oil yesterday to get my first entry in for The Challenge. (My wife awoke in the middle of the night with me still beavering away at the hobby desk to which she just shook her head, made a barely audible harrumphing sound, and tottered back to bed.) 

This stand will serve as the warlord to my Anglo-Dane warband for SAGA. I'm calling him Hrolf Heldrid. I dunno why. Just liking the letter 'H' it seems.

In SAGA the warlords are particularly badass so I thought I'd accompany him with a few additional figures to better portray this. The main lad with the long axe is a recent Gripping Beast casting.  The one filleting his foe in a rather brutal fashion is an Old Glory figure. The wounded fellow holding his leg is also an Old Glory casting to which I did a  simple conversion. (Cut away his original spear, drilled out his hand and swapped in a steel rod with a spare Draco from my parts bin.)

Like a complete git I thought that since I'm already bleary-eyed, working under the gun with a high-profile character stand, that this would be the PERFECT occasion to try my hand with my first LBMS shield transfers. As you can imagine this could have gone very, very poorly, but lucky for me they worked like a charm. Highly recommended.

Anyway, there you have it. Hrolf Heldrid, ready to cut cards with any Norman or Viking that cares to come his way (or go down swinging).

These boys will give me 20 points to put on the board. Now I have to get to work on some Normans...


  1. Terrifying stuff, great work Curt! Those shield transfers have come out beautifully.

    I managed a mere 45 minutes of painting yesterday - don't expect any entries soon!


  2. Very nice painting Curt, the tranfers are a complete git to put on, but those bleary eyes worked a treat. I've gotta get my butt in gear and some points on the board, here's hoping!!

  3. Lovely figs in a ass kicking warlord kind of way...

    It's always nice to get the big guy done first.

  4. Wonderful Curt. Very impressive.

  5. Great opening Curt, it's a beauty. And I'm not even halfway with my warlord vignette I started with...And I need to pick another Viking for you now :-)

  6. Very nice kick off to the challenge! As usual I'll take a bit longer before knocking up some points and also still need to decide what Viking to do for you.:-)


  7. Lovely work , - excellent stuff that midnight oil.

  8. Wow - that's a great stand of figures - excellent start to your challenge!

    I've always admired how you base figures - very well executed


  9. Very nice Warlord´s base; a fantastic painting job.


  10. Thanks Guys! Remember that it is Miles who claims the honour of first out of the gate. Check out his work below. It won't be uncommon for the blog to be updated with new entries several times a day, or with multiples at a time, so remember to scroll down and see whats new.

    And on than note Juan has sent something in... I'll get that up in the next few hours (A silly thing called work is taking up the majority of my day! Must talk to my boss about that.)


  11. Great start Curt, back to the cleaning of figures for me, then hopefully to the brushes!


  12. awesome job on the figures wonderful basing, I spent six hours on my batch of 52 figures yesterday still a lot of work yet, It's going to be a long night when i start the 100 plus had painted shields no transfers here sadly

  13. Very nice vignette! I like the set up. They match really good together!


  14. Very pretty Curt!

    Is Hrolf just joining the fight now that his standard bearers been injured? Or has he found the time to wipe his axe clean between chopping down Norsemen...? I take it it's the latter. Very tidy those Englishmen...

  15. Actually, Hrolf is on his fifth axe by this point. It seems he keeps breaking them over critics' heads...


    You're right though, I should put some gore of 'Foreigners' on his axehead.

  16. Brilliant!

    Ooh! that just gave me a great Idea - gonna make a viking with a golf bag slung over his shoulder with spare axes of various sizes...

  17. Now that would be brilliant. I want THAT as MY Viking!

    "'Right, Sven, we're in the rough and I really need to winkle out this Saxon with one stroke. Hmm, I think I'll use the 9 Axe for this swing."

    - Duly takes off the Saxon's head with the background sound of polite golf claps from his fellow reivers...

  18. WOW, people have got figures finished already!!?? Blimey! Oh well looks like like I'll be bringing up the rear. I hoped to get more done last night, but only managed to paint the internal seats of my halftracks and start the camo scheme... childcare duties came first as wifey-poos got stuck doing the late shift at work till 9pm! Bloody Xmas, Grrr...
    Anyway , great work so far guys, I'll be following in your footsteps as best I can!

  19. "I want THAT as MY Viking! "

    I'm on it...

    [runs to bitz box to see how many different sized axe heads can be found]

  20. @Scott: C'mon dig deep and get those Typhoons and 'tracks done up!

    @Tim: Awesome. We can say that that Viking landed at St. Andrews...


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