Saturday, December 24, 2011

From ChrisP: 28mm Napoleonic British Artillerists and Wellington (70 points)

Building up momentum from his Spartan hoplite, Chris sends in this entry: a battery of Royal Artillerists and the Man himself, Christopher Plummer! Damn, I mean Stephen Fry, er, I mean the Duke of Wellington...

These are Victrix plastics that Chris has swapped out the heads from the artillery box for those from the infantry set (he found the stock ones from the artillery box too heinous to bear using). Unfortunately the guns were built and painted earlier so they do not for scoring but they look quite nice nonetheless.  

I like how the battery looks grouped all on one base. 

The Wellington figure is from the Perry's metal range of 1815 Napoleonics.

Nice work Chris! This group will net him a solid 70 points as we head into the holidays.

Next up for Chris is the 69th South Lincolnshires, a battalion of Hanoverian Landwehr and then on to Thirty Years War Spanish tercios. I'm looking forwards to seeing all of this over the coming months.


  1. Great work but I'm still pointless......

  2. these look really great Chris can't wait to see you next offering

  3. As Angry says, looks good, and I'm pointless as well!!!!

    Should be finished over the next few days just need the last bits and basing.

    This comp realy adds to the drive to get them done!

  4. Nice, wasn't able to visit this blog for several days and now there were an immense number of entries and points, really need to finish some germans!

    Great artillery battery!

  5. Very nice looking battery and Wellington!


  6. Very nice - I really like the large battery layout

    Back to painting!

  7. Those are very nice! Makes me wish I was collecting British.

    Cheers, Simon

  8. These look great. Really need to get myself a Wellington from Perry.



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