Friday, December 23, 2011

From KentG: 28mm Early Imperial Romans (155 points)

Those who have been following Kent's blog will know that he's taken a huge bite and has been labouring through around 160 Roman castings - all at one time. Whoah! Well, he wisely decided to break-out a smaller group so he can get some momentum on The Challenge scorecard. 

Here are 24 Praetorians and 3 Slingers. The castings are classic 28mm Foundry. I really like what he's done with his shields. All layered, freehand work - they look very, very good!

I also like the grey-tone groundwork contrasted with the grass and flowers as it really frames the figures nicely.

This group comes in at a base of 135 points but I'm going to award Kent with another 20 points for all the freehand painting on the shields and the nice groundwork. So, 155 points for the roster - well done!


  1. Well done indeed! I really like the shields... and the basing details!

  2. Great work. Have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

  3. Beautiful work; amazing free-hand shield patterns. Best, Dean

  4. Very very nice, well worth the extra points for sure.



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