Thursday, March 20, 2014

From TamsinP: NAC Fleet (90 points)

From Tamsin:
Well, it turns out that the Mongols weren't my final entry, but this one really, really, really is.
I was looking at what I had that I could be able to finish before the deadline and realised that some more spaceships might just be my best bet. So here they are, 12 lovely ships from GZG to upgrade my NAC "intro fleet" to "mega fleet" size. The "intro fleet" was painted up before the challenge and was my win from Seb's prize draw last summer.
This flotilla consists of a super dreadnought, a battle dreadnought, a battleship, a heavy cruiser, 2 escort cruisers, 3 corvettes and 3 scout ships. The 4 larger ships and the corvettes have an extra bit of detailing - some yellow and black striped hazard panels on the undersides and aft. I've included a pic of the underside of the BDN to show these.

As this is my final final entry, it's time for some parting words.
To my fellow Challengers of the Wild Bunch: Thank you all for the great competition, the words of praise to each other, the banter and the sheer lunacy of some entries. The standards from everyone have been fantastic this year and I sit here in awe of the quality and quantity of your outputs over the past 3 months.
To the various prize donors and sponsors: Thank you for your generosity. I'm sure that everyone would have competed anyway, but your prizes add a little something to the proceedings.
To Curt: A massive thanks for keeping up with the Heraclean labour that running this Challenge surely involves, especially with the addition of the fortnightly bonus rounds. On top of that, you have treated us to some absolutely stunnign entries throughout. How on Earth did you find the time? By the way, my mate King Augeas mentioned that his stables could do with a good cleaning....
To Sarah: My sincere sympathies for the last few months. Just make sure Curt treats you to his full attention, roses, chocs and lots of TLC to make up for his absence looking after us.

First, thank you Tamsin for your thoughtful words. Its always a pleasure to have you join us in this little bit of silliness. Your enthusiasm, verve and talent serves as a benchmark for the rest of us.

In regards to your entry... I really so like these ships Tamsin. They have such a wonderful old school look about them. In fact, I think I may actually like them a smidge better than the last fleet you did. That may be because they are using lighters tones or perhaps the lighting, hmm, whatever it is they look fantastic.

This fleet will give Tamsin 90 points. A lovely bit of work that! 


  1. These are excellent Tamsin a nice way to finish for the year! I think everyone can agree with your closing sentiments perfectly put

  2. Excellent work Tamsin - I really like the color schemes, especially on the big ones. They look really nice and I'm sure will sweep away any foes on the tabletop.

    As Mr Saunders said, I think we all agree with your final comments

  3. really like these!

    and well said Tamsin

  4. Beautiful ships, Tamsin! I think I spied a few that would work as proxies for my BFG fleets! Great use of spot color!

  5. These are some excellent spaceships.

  6. Very nice indeed Tamsin. Love the red/grey/blue colour scheme.

  7. What a great looking fleet.

  8. Tasmin, that's some pretty tasty looking NAC. It'd be a real shame for the ESU or FSE to blow them out of space.

  9. @ Curt - I went with the lighter colour scheme and the more "show-offy" detailing because I thought it fitted best with the NAC ethos. The NSL's darker scheme suited their character.

    @ Andrew - yup, a great way to finish. If only I'd managed to paint 4 or 5 of these flotillas, I might have held onto 5th place

    @ Miles - I'm sure they will if someone else is using them. My dice luck would see them crippled in the first turn!

    @ James and Dave - cheers guys!

    @ David - thanks. I think having the detail colour helps to make the ships more interesting than just doing the basic hull colour and engine glow

    @ Moiterei, Millsy and Brendon - thanks guys, glad you like them :)

    @ Robert - to avoid them being blasted to smithereens, I'd better let someone else use them. My dice luck is notoriously bad


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