Thursday, March 20, 2014

And the Beat Goes On...

'One Does Not Simply Rock into Mordor...'

Yep, we hit the deadline. But by my last count I still have around 20 entries to post, give or take.

Espresso, chocolate and raucous tunes (and, well, headphones so I don't get killed by the missus). 

I'm a rockin' and a rollin', struttin' and a strollin'...

The challenge now is merely keeping awake.

See y'all at dawn.


  1. This years challenge was exceptionally well done - thanks for all your efforts!

  2. Hope you make it to the end Buddy

  3. Yes, I was shocked at the number of blog entries overnight...........almost done!

  4. Well, I was also pretty shocked when I hit ,y dashboard after work. Hats off for your ongoing efforts.

  5. Brilliant picture! :-) ...
    My challenge fizzled out at the end ... I am still trying to put finishing touches to my "Last Stand"... ah well...
    Well done Curt on managing this massive undertaking - no idea how you find the time!

  6. Thanks all! It was a blast. Scott, totally understand buddy - no worries - we'll catch you next time.


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