Monday, February 3, 2014

From MilesR: Challenge Desperados - Mexican Villagers (65 points)

From Miles:
Below is my entrance “fee” for the competition. Since my painting skills pale in comparison to most of the other participants, I thought I would attempt to make up for a lack of quality with quantity - so please accept this group of 10 Mexican villagers acting in defence of their humble abodes. The figures are very old 28mm Foundry castings that I gelt from my friend Ernie’s (Architects of War) collection. Ernie’s personal unpainted lead pile would rival most major manufactures.

The group is a bit eclectic and consists 7 armed peasants, a gunslinger in chaps, a leader with a sword (El Hefe) and a dozing guard. The probably will not pose much of a threat to any “Wild Bunch” but maybe, just maybe, they be able to convince that bandit gang to move on to the next village….
Wow, great work and very generous of you Miles. These old Foundry sculpts are great. I really like that they are villagers as they can be used for Magnificent Seven type scenarios. Lovely.

These 10 brave Mexicans will give Miles 65 points. Well done and thank you again!


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