Monday, February 3, 2014

From KentG: 28mm Modern American Infantry (105 points)

From Kent:
Here is my next batch of figures 21x 28mm Modern Americans? I think. Not sure if I actually painted them correctly. I hope so. They have been in the pile of figures for I don't know maybe two years, I think they came out alright.

Good job Kent. I'm no expert on modern gear so not sure about their uniforms either. They certainly look good to me. 

These 21 figures will give Kent 105 points. Well done.


  1. Looking good and the colors are fine as well (although many US Army troops spray paint their weapons to camouflage them) if you want them for Afghanistan from around 2009 / 2010 onwards.

  2. I think they look rather nice Kent.
    Great job..

  3. minus points for made up uniforms i say!!!

    good job Kent


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