Tuesday, February 11, 2014

From MilesR: 15mm American Infantry for 'All Quiet on the Martian Front' (90 points)

The flash bulbs of the paparazzi are only starting to dim as we get a glimpse of a new range of figures for an very much anticipated game system.

From Miles:
My next submission is a bit of a first -in fact it’s a “World Premier” of some miniatures from the upcoming “All Quiet on the Martian Front” game. How was I able to score such a “scoop”? Through hard work, exposing (but perhaps not living) a clean lifestyle and dedication to the hobby. Yes I’m sure it was all that plus the fact I live about 1.5 miles away from the world wide HQ of Architects of War and I was pestering Ernie to get a few test models. I could think of no better venue for this World, no it’s a , “Galactic Premier” than the Analogue Hobbies Challenge, which I am sure will soon become the miniatures world equivalent of the Cannes Film Festival, except with 100% more glamour.
Todays submission is 45, 15mm US Infantry figures complete with gas masks so they are less vulnerable to the damn Martian black dust. The troops are organized into 3 Platoons each of which consist of 3 five man stands. The figures are produced by Architects of War subsidiary “Alien Dungeon” and are based off of 15mm Eureka models which the AofW team have licensed.
These are metal figures and had very little flash to clean up.
I did the basing a little different for these figures. My usual method is to paint the base a tan color and then cover with playground sand. That works fine for 28mm but just does’t work for smaller scales. The basing material I did use was Liquitex brand “Blended Fibers” gel which goes on as a gel but dries clear and provedes a nice level of textures for smaller scale mini’s. In some of the pic’s you can still see some white where I missed with the paint but that will dry clear and look like a puddle of water (I hope). I was pleased with the outcome.
Each platoon has an officer (left most figure in each first rank) and then riflemen in 6 different poses.
A shot of the the whole company surging out to attempt to destroy one of those dreaded Martian Tripods…..
Ooh! Shiny!! A sneak peak of 'All Quiet on the Martian Front' (claps hands in glee)? Now, how cool is that! Thanks for letting us see your lovely new toys Miles. I can close my eyes and hear the super-creepy Martian war claxon blaring in the distance (probably the one thing I loved about the Tom Cruise movie). 

These fine doughboys bravely advancing towards the alien menace (only to be turned into fine ash) will give Miles 90 points. Great stuff Miles and thanks for sharing these guys with us! I can't wait to see one of the tripods!


  1. "100% more glamour" - does that mean another two girls will be joining Anne and myself next year? ;)

    Great looking figures Miles :)

    1. Either that or Fran and Ray are going to start wearing underwear at long last. Personally I'd like to see both happen...

    2. Tasmin, we could add 200 more ladies to the challenge and they, collectively, would not bring even 5% of the glamour that you and Anne provide -some things just can not be improved upon

  2. A great looking set of troops!

  3. Great looking minis! Starting to regret skipping the kickstarter :)

  4. Looks good, great review. Can't wait for mine to arrive

  5. There's nothing like a sneak peak. Thanks for the review, they look great...

  6. A few of my club have pledged to the kickstarteer, and I am sure they will be delighted to see these. Good job.


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