Tuesday, February 11, 2014

From AlanD: 28mm Wild West - Citizens of 'Hurricane' (90 points)

Alan adds some more local colour to his Western town of 'Hurricane'.

From Alan:
Hurricane is a diverse and inclusive little community on the edge of nowhere. Here are 18 new citizens, all with something to offer the town. All towns need some entertainment, and nothing says entertainment in the Old West more than a couple of beefy pugs beating the stuffing out of each other in the street. 
Well, nothing is more entertaining except maybe the town drunk shaking his leg to the sound of the fiddle. The undertaker looks on, sensing a customer in the offing.
There are still fortunes to be made prospecting in the hills...maybe. These three hopefuls heading in to town for supplies still think so. Or maybe they are so far gone with hard work and sun that they just can't face the truth that their dreams are ending in a hole scratched out of the desert stone.
Someone has to keep the peace, and when the law turns its head away it falls to the citizens. These three have tooled up, sensing trouble.
The West is changing, and the railroad is bringing new wealth and opportunity. These three have just arrived from back East, with powerful thirsts and eyes for the main chance.
And meanwhile the wheels of the town keep turning, whether it is the railroad man, the constable keeping the peace, or the barman at Miss Lily's, who has seen it all before.
All figures are from Foundry, except for the tooled up citizens from Great Escape.

Excellent stuff Alan. I'm really enjoying watching 'Hurricane' come to life over these past few months. My favourites from this group are the shifty Eastern Speculators and the stoic Barman - such great characters.

These featured 'Huricanites' will give Alan 90 points to add to his total.


  1. Curt - shouldn't it be 90 points for these? 18 x 28mm foot @ 5 points each.

    Lovely Wild West civvies Alan :)

    1. I guess Curt must have spotted the error while I was posting that comment.

    2. It's good to know you folks are vigilant. It keeps me on my toes!

  2. Nice work! Always love townfolk!

  3. Wonderful work, Dux. I love the narrative behind the figs, too. Really brings 'em to life!

  4. Nice work Alan. The eyebrows on the barman are superb.

  5. Loads of character in these sculpts and well painted!

  6. All are superbly done - so much character in all of them. But...I'm wondering where are the coolies in pigtails!?

  7. Nice bunch of characters with a little backstory suggestion as well.
    Good work.

  8. Great inspiration for my western projects


  9. You really put lots of effort into this Hurricane city of yours and I love it!


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