Tuesday, February 18, 2014

From KentG: 28mm WWII StuG IIIG (17 points)

From Kent:
Today I decided I needed a break from a commission job so I painted this 28mm Bolt Action StuG IIIG that I bought earlier in the week.

There were a few broken pieces so I cut out a panel of armour plating. I wasn't sure how I would do painting this size tank but am really happy with the end result.

Well Kent, you should be pleased with the final result as it looks great. I've always liked the low-slung silhouette of the StuG - it seems to reinforce its predatorial purpose. Your commander is great, with his range-finding binocs peeking up from the hatch, and the missing panel of armoured skirting seems to reinforce the veteran status of the vehicle. Great work.

This German tank destroyer will give Kent 17 points. 


  1. Nice StuG Kent - I like the way you've done the camo.

  2. Great work Kent I like the weather beaten look on the commander

  3. Nice work Kent. The commander is very nice and the camo is very well done too.

  4. Ok... Who exactly had kidnapped Kent ? Only 17pts.. 17very nice points but ....

  5. Looks great - makes me want to do some Bolt Action!

  6. That's ACE! Great job and a unique camo pattern.

  7. Lovely and who could dislike a StuG eh?



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