Tuesday, February 18, 2014

From EdwinK: 28mm Pinkertons (15 points)

From Edwin:
For my latest submission I have three 28mm figures from Artizan Design - their 'Pinkerton Detective I'. These are the first Old West figures I've painted and (like all Artizan's) proved to be a joy to work on - in contrast to some others, which I'll address in another submission.
I went with the classic bluff duster coat look - it's hard to imagine that these figures were supposed to be done any other way.  That being said, I was tempted to convert the guy with the glasses into Prof Calculus for my Tin-Tin league!  Another time... 

I see the dude in the blue suit as The Boss - it seems to me he could be quite at home as a rancher, saloon-owner or hired gun.  The other two certainly have a professional killer vibe about them.
These are excellent Pinkertons Edwin. I quite like the Boss man with the gold signet ring - he just needs a red carnation to complete the picture. (The fellow in the glasses would indeed make a great basis for a Professor Calculus. I'd like to see him with that unruly ruff of hair around his head!)

These three fellows from The Agency will give Edwin 15 points. Great job.


  1. I painted these same figures last year, they are as you say, a joy to paint. Nicely done.

  2. Top job Edwin. They are indeed lovely figures to work on, the Artizan old west range is full of good ones.

  3. Nice, the cowboy vibe is taking hold everywhere


  4. Nice one Edwin. The fence is rather cool too.

  5. Thank you everybody!

    Millsy - hang around, you'll be seeing more of that fence! Thanks though, it's just lolly-sticks and bamboo skewers.


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