Wednesday, February 12, 2014

From ClintB: 20mm Arab Revolt Turkish Infantry (96 points)

From Clint:
Continuing the "Arab Revolt" Game sorry no Camels today (But still more to come. I promise.) Here however are 24 Turks which will act as the opposition for the camel mounted Arabs. Obviously the Ottomans had more adversaries than just the Arabs, so the figures could also be used at Gallipoli as well as any of the Battles against the British forces in Palestine. And maybe next year I might do those forces for the painting challenge. But that is the future and I will need to build on this force as it stands if I was going to fight any of those battle. 

The figures are again IT Miniatures and 20mm or 1/72nd scale. And between the pictures you have the whole range with the exception of support weapons. I'll need to try the game first before I think of adding any Machine guns for example. But it is quite possible that they will be added in the future.  Apart from the two officers who are sword armed they all carry rifles (Mauser  M.1898. for those interested in the little details).
In an ideal world I would have liked a few more wearing the Red Fez so again looking to the future I can see some head swaps in the distance. After all as Dr. Who has claimed " Fezzes are cool!" Who am I to contradict him.

How cool is this: more dudes in fezzes! These look great Clint. Are you going to find some German advisors to accompany these guys? As you say a very versatile force.

These young Turks will give Clint 96 points, allowing him to close in tight on his second Challenge target of 950 points. Good job!


  1. These are very nice. Good looking troops.

  2. No camels? A shame...
    Very nice work on these footsloggers though ;-)

  3. These are great Clint, keep 'em coming!!!

  4. Thank you all.

    Curt, no Germans planed at this stage, but thinking about putting a WW1 skirmish game on for the Rejects. And at a skirmish level No need for German advisors, unless as part of an objective.

    Moiterei Sorry no Camels, I has been suggested IO do a dead Camel for the Casualty bonus round. Unfortunately no spare camels in my collection.

    Dave Bad guys? Only from our point of view.

    Ian Turkish Delight..... I prefer chocolate fudge!

    Once again cheers Guys and Girls I really appreciate the comments. But my painting rate will need to drop off a bit as I NEED to make some terrain, and Re-base 2 SCW armies. All of which will score no points but are vital to games I want to put on this year. But I will keep plugging away at the painting but it will be fewer and less frequent submissions. (And Big thanks to Curt for all his work with the challenge)


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