Monday, January 27, 2014

From TimB: Geeks, Samurai, Poilu...Oh My! (123 points)

Yowza! Here's a cacophony of figures from Tim:
Here are an odd assortment of items I’ve been working on over the last week or so… There are a few other items I’ve finished up (members of the various Ronin Buntai), but I thought I’d leave them for when I have entire Buntai finished.
Three Geeks – from Reaper Miniatures
An old Rogue Trader era Eldar Guardian from Games Workshop (though technically I believe it was Citadel Miniatures at the time)
At some point I thought I’d run an Only War or Rogue Trader campaign for the kids and I thought it’d be fun to have a recurring band of Eldar that pop into situations sometimes thwarting them, other times aiding them, always acting on their own bewildering agendas which will likely make no sense to the players at the time, but may be hinted as later in the campaign...? 
A later Great War French Poilu from FG MiniZ/Forgotten Glorious. 
A while back they’d offered to send a free sample to anyone who asked. The have 1806 Prussians and some American Civil War miniatures – which I’m not particularly interested in – but they also have 1917 French – and the Great War IS something I’m interested in, so I asked for a sample from that line, and the miniature above it what they sent me. Now, I have no other Late War French… so there wasn’t any really need to paint this straight away, but I figured if they were nice enough to send along a mini, I thought I’d paint it up and show it off for them.
A few more Ashigaru Archers from Old Glory - for an existing, previously completed buntai, which I am now having to rejig because it was brought to my attention that I'd totally screwed up on the composition of the Buntai!?
This is another batch of Black Hat Miniatures peasants - so I now have 15 of them!
Three more Peasants from The Assault Group - though the one with the sword looks less like a peasant to me and more like a down-on-his-luck ronin. These as with the Black Hat Peasants above will be going in my Peasant Buntai. 
Two Perry Miniatures Samurai for my Ikkko-Ikki Buntai. 
The banners are Ikko-Ikki banner that I found illustrations of in the Osprey book on Warrior Monks. (I didn't manage to fit the entire slogan on the one...) 
The remaining Ashigaru archers from the pack I used to convert three of to Monk Archers - these will also be adding to the ranks of the Ikko-Ikki!
Finally a Monto Gashira Bannerman for the Ikko-Ikki - the slogan is the same as on the back of the samurai - again I couldn't fit the entire slogan on it. It's supposed to say "He who advances is sure of heaven, but he who retreats will go to hell" - hopefully I got at least half of it on there. It would be terrible if it only said "He who advances is sure of..." - that would seem rather... uncertain...? Actually my calligraphy is probably unreadable to anyone who actually understands Japanese... probably looks like "Bit the wax tadpole" or something...

Haha! Love it. I'm sure there is some 20-something git out there who has this very inscription as a tattoo who thinks he's rocking some hardcore oriental mantra but actually it says, 'I Bite the wax tadpole..'

Awesome figures Tim! There's so much to like there. My personal favourites are the banners, the Poilu and the Heavy Geek with the bottle of Mountain Dew. Classic.

These figures will give Tim 123 points, including a bit added for the lovely banners. Great stuff!


  1. That old Guardian is particularly awesome. Great work!

  2. The Eldar is very nice as are all the figures I do like your painting style.

  3. Beautiful brushwork here. I particularly like the Three Geeks. You've given them such style and made them very endearing.

  4. Love the banners, you havgreat brush control


  5. Great work on all of these Tim :)

  6. Lovely! The banners are very fine, really like your samurai collection

  7. Love the 3 Geeks, did you model the middle one on Fran!

  8. Nah the middle one has to be me, I'm the fattest reject by far!

    Great painting btw!

  9. Great work Tim. The geeks are simply fabulous.

  10. Quite an eclectic collection Tim. All of them are wonderful but the Eldar is superb.

  11. Although I''m rusty I can read Kanji (it's the same characters as Chinese) and they are legible. As to what it says, I'd have to bust out a dictionary. Very nice work.


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