Monday, January 27, 2014

From KentG: 28mm Seven Years War British Dragoons & Ammunition Cart (145 points)

From Kent:
This next entry I've been working on off and on for a few weeks now when I needed a break from other painting. So first up are 12 Front Rank 28mm SYW British Dragoons- they were very nice figures to paint. 

Other than a few odds and ends this is the end of my work on three SYW armies nearly three years work.
Then we have a 28mm Front Rank ammo wagon and oxen that will go with the British artillery that i painted earlier in the comp.

So now back to more artillery...

Very nice Kent. Those dragoons are the business (very substantial castings) and the ox cart will provide a nice rural touch to the tabletop.

The cavalry and cart will give Kent 145 points. Well done!


  1. Love em Kent! Absolutely gorgeous and the wood grain is amazing...

  2. I always like mounted figures and the oxen pulling the cart is a cracking bit of work. Well done!

  3. More great work, love the ox cart


  4. Good work Kent, love the ammo cart

  5. Very very nice, great work on the Light Dragoons!!

  6. Everything looks really great.

  7. Front Rank figures deserve good paint jobs and yours are first rate. That's one of the nicest unit entries I've seen in this Challenge. Bravo. I like the cart though to be honest I found the colour of the ox a little startling, but then, what I know about oxen could be written on a postage stamp with room left over. :)

  8. Lovely work on the painting of the cart, and the basing really gives the impression of weight - that ox will get tired pulling it.

    Pip pip


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