Sunday, January 26, 2014

From ClintB: 15mm Mahdists (31 points)

Clint adds to his Mahdist forces with this unit of infantry.

From Clint:
Continuing to work on my 10mm Pendraken figures I have 30 more Mahdists. Again 3 figures to a base, this time all melee armed. I still have many more in the lead pile so expect a few more submissions. 

Many of these figures have bright patches on their Jibbeh this is not something I will continue too much as I am not a huge fan of the results of painting the patches on. I Just think they look better without them. Sometimes you just have to try things and see. 
Great work Clint. I actually like the addition of the patches of colour. If you're thinking they are too bright you might try a localized diluted brown wash to tone it down to your taste.

This fine unit of Mahdi will give Clint 31 points. 


  1. What? No camels? Another nice bunch of Madhists here Clint. I think the colour patches add a certain something to the figures.

  2. Lovely work Clint, I am enjoying watching this project be revealed before my eyes

  3. I too like the patches, well worth keeping up with


  4. Lovely stuff Clint.
    I have plans for some of these in the future

  5. Clint
    I keeping forgetting how small they are! Chalk up another vote for keeping the patches!
    Cheers PD

  6. Nice work Clint i to like the patches really adds to the look really nice job

  7. Great painting and like the others I think the patches are a great addition.

  8. Very nice! I'm not a fan of the patches on my 28s either - I prefer the look of a less colourful horde. I'm saving them for characters and maybe elite units.

  9. Great stuff Clint. I'm not a fan of the patches either and didn't use them myself.

  10. Thanks for all the comments and advice. Clearly I have to suit myself, but as I am always happy to listen to others I will try the next batch with less patches and probably with more muted colours. And then re-evaluate them.

    Once again thank you all I do so appreciate the comments


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