Monday, February 4, 2013

From StefanosS: 28mm Napoleonic Italian Infantry (117 points)

From Stefanos:

Here I is my completed 2nd Btg of Italian Kingdom, 1st Line Regiment.
22 28mm figures, almost all are from Crusader miniatures, the two wounded from Offensive Miniatures. Fanion is from Flag Dude

1 French Voltigeur in greatcoat (see top image) by Perry Miniatures.

Lovely work Stefanos. We've had a lot of Napoleonic Italians entered during the Challenge which is a nice change of pace. I've not seen a close-up of Crusader naps before but they look quite nice - the sculpts have an almost Foundry look about them.

This battalion with their lonely voltigeur and banner will give Stefanos 117 points.


  1. Great looking unit by Stefanos. I like the uniform for this regiment; the green and red facings really pop with the white coats. Nice basing too. Best, Dean

  2. I like those a lot Stefanos, especially the little bulldog of an officer in the one unit, that dude has a lot of 'tude! We've really had a feast of good looking Napoleonics in the Challenge thus far.

  3. Very nice, I have to say the Italians are very nice. I have had a battalion box of crusader french on the shelf for a couple of years, I will have to remember to pul them out.


  4. Beautiful work, love the green plumes and epaulettes!

  5. Really like these, but you've gone and jumped ahead of me! I'll have to get a wriggle on to peg back my lead!

  6. These are great, I did the same boys in 6mm but yours are excellent. Glad the Italians have had so much love


  7. A special unit indeed. One of my favourite entries so far. Congrats!


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