Monday, February 4, 2013

From BenG: 20mm Napoleonic British Rockets (16 points)

From Ben:
Here's a small entry I completed just for the hell of it. I bought this set on a whim ages ago and haven't actually painted any of the figures a) because they're butt-ugly, and b) our rules don't cover rockets! I'll check with the rules gurus to see if any of the big January games I haven't been involved in have special rules for rockectry, or else I'll have to make some up. I like the idea that any green troops or cavalry would have to undergo an automatic morale test to see if they are spooked by the hissing and screaming of the rockets on the first fire. Also some sort of randomised targeting that can even result in friendly fire would be the go, too! 
I like to add a little cotton wool to the end of artillerymen's portfires to give a little more detail, though I've learned not to add it til after the varnishing process. I've added it before spraying on the varnish but it collects in the fibres making a bit of a soggy mess!
The mold lines were pretty severe and required a bit of cleaning up, but the firing figure's face is pretty much obscured by the line. The set is an early HaT production which were only a slight improvement from Airfix's gnome-like sculpting, but I think they'll do for a novelty stand!

I dunno Ben, I think they turned out really well. I love smoke from the portfire - nice touch! I believe that when we've used rockets in the past we virtually had an equal chance of the opponents being able to choose the target, which made them quite fun (well, for me anyway).

These two rocketeers will give Ben 16 points.


  1. I like these. Maybe they started but-ugly but you have done a great job turning them into good lucking bases


  2. These are terrific, Ben, and all the more impressive for being so unusual. As always on your blog I love the deep, rich colours you achieve on uniforms.
    You better believe I'm stealing that portfire/cotton idea. :)

  3. Nice work Ben, love the smoke trail!


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