Saturday, February 16, 2013

From ScottB: 15mm WWII German Halftracks (60 points)

Scott makes his Challenge debut with these excellent WWII German halftracks.

From Scott:
Here we have a boxed set of PSC 15mm SdKfz251/D half tracks that have been converted using the PSC Conversion kit. 

In this case I have chosen to make the optional platoon command halftracks for the gepanzerte panzergrenadier combat platoons. This features the 3.7cm AT gun, which give the platoon a modicum of AT fire power. In game terms it rarely achieves a heck of a lot but it looks interesting and certainly makes the command vehicle stand out.
After these 3 vehicles I was left with two and wasn't sure what to go with; stummels, 8cm mortar carriers or Flamethrowers. In the end since I already have 2 each of the stummels and mortar carriers, I decides the flamethrowers would be something different.  So these are the SdKfz 251d/16 Flamm halftrack.

Potentially very nasty in the game (auto kills against infantry and gun teams), but in practice I will probably have a heck of a time getting them anywhere near the target platoon! Time will tell...
Next up Tigers... just got decals to go...
After that back to finish off Hobbit goblins...
Wow, lovely work Scott - your camo on these is brilliant and I really like the crews and stowage. Those Flamm tracks look particularly nasty, but as you say the test will be if they can get close enough to do their work.

These five Hanomags and their crews will give Scott 60 points to mark his entry on the roster. Happy to have you back Scott!


  1. These look great, love the conversions those kits allow. At least you can be sure they will attract a lot of attention allowing other units more fredom


  2. Great looking half tracks and the camo is superb!


  3. Nice to see you Scott, looks like the Mojo's returning.

  4. Nice work there my friend love the conversion

  5. Thanks all guys (and gals!). Its good to finally get in a submission... I've been all over in my hobby 'work' this time around and found it hard stick to one thing, but I am starting to see results, thanks for your patience with me.

    All the best

    1. PS I still need to sort out a Ronin figure for Curt, anyone got any recommendations where I can order a single figure from, as I don't game the period.

    2. Dixon has individual figures, and they are very nice.

    3. Thanks Juan, I'll check them out :-)

    4. Hmm - not keen on the Dixon ones, they look too chunky, more like 'teddybears in oriental armour'... I'll have to keep looking, I like the Perry ones but they're in sets of 6 figures...

  6. Well done that man, great opening gambit!


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