Saturday, February 16, 2013

From ChristopherS: 28mm ACW and Ronin #5 (50 points)

From Christopher:
First up is a Confederate artillery piece ready for action. I used a mix of browns and grey's to give that campaign feel, but still kept the red in the uniforms as that was the color of artillery for both sides during the war and one man wearing regulation sky blue trousers. I've seen several colors used for gun carriages, but I've always liked the green and so used that. The cannon is 12 pounder smoothbore and so received  a bronze barrell.

I'm pretty happy that I've managed to stay on course and do another ACW piece and I hope I can keep focused and do some more as that's always been hard for me to do (stay focused that is).

Most of the paints I used are once again Foundry with some Vallejo. The figures are Perry and as expected the sculpts are very nice, but do require some clean up.
The Japanese Warrior Monk (Sohei) is for Curt and his Samurai Ronin project. I asked Curt if I could do a warrior monk and he said no problem as he thinks at least one of them did join a monastic order. I've always thought warrior monks are well....just cool!

I kept the colors very traditional using black armor, a white robe and dark brown prayer beads and a rawhide leather. The only "splash" of color to adorn this otherwise very practical monk is the light blue which also in fact was common. 

Paints were again from my Foundry/Vallejo combo I like and figure is from the Perry's. The sculpt is very nice(they have a great Samurai range), but had more clean up then I would have liked and some of the detail was quite difficult to do as it was very fine.
On to the next project. Reaching 1,000 points does look like a fool's bet, but I'll keep trying.

Lovely work on that artillery piece its crew Christopher, I particularly like your groundwork. The warrior monk is also excellent, he definitely looks the business and will be a fine addition to the 47.

The gun, its crew and Ronin #5 will give Christopher 50 points. Brilliant stuff!


  1. Excellent work Chris, especially the white on the Sohei :)

  2. Stunning work Chris. Love the basing for the gun!

  3. The guns base work is very very good and matches the work on the figures


  4. This gun is just brilliant, and the samurai is stunning on top off that.

    Impressive as always!


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