Friday, February 22, 2013

From RobP: 28mm ACW Irish Brigade & Monks (273 points)

From Rob:
Here is my latest entry to the Painting Challenge.
I conclude the Irish Brigade with the 28th Massachussetts and the 116th Pennsylvania... These are all Foundry figs except the 28th standard bearers wich are  Steve Barber conversions... I was running out of command figs and do not want to double up so I had to come up with an alternative; nothing that a spare cossack arm cannot be used for....
The Foundry figs are among the best ACW I have seen; clean without mouldlines and full of character and paint up easily. I have used them before as they make the bulk of my  Confederate brigades. I know people tend to think they are over expensive but they currently have changed policy on shipping and offer a good deal on larger orders.. I am planning on  doing another Union brigade in a few months and will definitely use their figures.

Also some Brigade command and casualty markers; all Redoubt figures. The Redoubt Command sets are excellent and I have used them also within my Reb troops.  Being the Irish Brigade one would expect to see Meagher and Kirby instead of generic command figures. They will be up next included in the final batch I am currently finishing. 

Having kept my focus on this project I did however wander off sometimes and painted other bits and pieces in between.. Mostly little stuff that can be used to give our group's gaming table a more lively look.. This time I include some figures that can be used for Dark Ages or Peninsular, or even downed pilots if you are familiar with the ´Allo ´Allo series.... These men of the cloth are Qualitycast figures (where have they gone??) and have been fun to paint. I will enhance my procession overtime with more faithfull followers to litter our gaming table.. 

This batch will more then double my current score and puts me right on track of an average of 250 pts a month to achieve my challenge...

Beautiful work Rob! Your Irish Brigade looks marvelous and the command stand is brilliant, but I am eager to see Meagher and Kirby in your next submission. Those monks are very nice as well - I'd like to source some of these to go with my existing Foundry Dark Age monks...

This entry will give Rob a very respectable 273 points. Bravo, well done!


  1. Very nice painting. I really like the little procession of monks. Very characterful set.

  2. The monks are fabulous - they look very downtrodden and footsore!

  3. What a nice sub, all so well painted and bags of character


  4. Very impressive, the blues on the ACW figures is very well done and those monks are really neat.


  5. Great work Rob! Love the monks :)


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