Wednesday, January 30, 2013

From RayR: 15mm Williamite Cavalry (46 points)

From Ray:
Back to Killiecrankie for my 7th entry. These 2 units are the Williamite Cavalry regts Bellhaven and Annadale. They didn't do very well in the battle, in fact as soon as they saw and heard the Highlanders charging they both promptly ran off, straight through the Williamite lines, which didn't help one bit!!

The figures are my left over bits and bobs from the NYW Essex range, which worked out quite well as I wanted them to have a random look. And no I didn't run out of figures for the Annadale regt, they were a very small unit of only 40 men, so they'll start any battle a little short and well as having the worst morale rating possible!!!!

They may not be the lions of the battlefield but they do cut quite the dash - well done Ray!

These two cavalry units will give Ray 46 points.


  1. not bad, still think you should move up to the grown ups scale. (remember this comment when you see my next entry)
    Peace James

  2. Hmmm, he's on 747 points. Can we call him Jumbo? ;)

    Another nice entry Ray! :)

  3. I like the random look about them, another good job, shame they will suffer unless the God of Dice is in a VERY good mood


  4. Nice work Ray. I like the little white lacey things at their throats, makes them look like very lah-dee-dah. Pretty, but can they fight?

  5. Well done Ray. Enjoy your lead.
    For now.

  6. Nice units Ray, Man you must have a huge army now!!!

  7. Very nice work again Ray! Say anyone want to take bets on Ray sand bagging as he is getting close.



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