Wednesday, January 30, 2013

From ChrisP: 28mm Dark Age Anglo-Saxons (228 points)

From Chris:
Check it out, something that isn't 15mm US!
Anyway, I have been tinkering away at these for the last couple of weeks, and spent a few hours on Friday finishing them off. This is a full 6 point warband of Anglo-Saxons for SAGA.
The Warlord is from Gripping Beast, showing off a couple of dead enemies, one which is being used as a step. The warlord is sporting a very dapper purple cloak, much to the envy of the other Saxons!
The first point is made up of four Hearthguard. One is a plastic Saxon, with two swords, two are metal miniatures which came with the Warlord and the final one is a plastic Warlord Games miniature with a couple of Saxon pieces to make it look a bit more "Saxony". The close up is of the Warlord Games chap, showing off some free hand tattoos on his chest, it looked too bare without them, so I had a go at adding them. I am happy with the result!

The rest of the army is made up of four units of 10 Warriors, all Gripping Beast plastics. Some have arms from Warlord Games Celts, mainly because I had been pilfering weapons from my box of Saxons for armies like other SAGA force! Shield decals are from Little Big Men Studios. I knew they were going to be great, and LBMS really did not disappoint. I got the shield transfers to basically inspire me to get these guys painted, the Saxons have been sitting in a box for at least 2 years!

I am happy with how these have come out, next up? Who knows. I actually have nothing ready to paint....
Great work Chris! Your warlord is excellent and I particularly like how the tattoos turned out on the barechested hearthguard. Very nice.

This impressive SAGA warband will give Chris 228 points, propelling him into first place in the points standings. Bravo!

Now, we just have to wait for James' riposte...


  1. some stunning work Chris, love seeing your 28mm work

  2. These are just great, love the tats and another win for the challenge, two years in the pile V a bit over a month in the challenge. Guess which won!


  3. Great work Chris! they make my Saxons from a couple of weeks back look rather, errmmm, wanting.

  4. They look ace, really great work in just a couple of weeks.

  5. Excellent painting Chris, trhey look very impressive!


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