Friday, January 11, 2013

From JuanM: 28mm WWII Panzer I & Soviet Infantry (30 points)

From Juan:
Another WWII entry...
The first one is an old Panzer I from "Anglian Miniatures" I bought some years ago (now available through 'Empress Miniatures' - ed). I have painted it as a late WWII Driver School vehicle of the NSKK, the Nationalsozialistisches Kraftfahrkorps, a paramilitary organization of the Nazi Party used to educate its member in driving and motoring skills. 
These members (and their vehicles) were pressed to serve in the Werhmacht and, in the Oder Campaing, some of them fought against the Soviets with their more or less modern vehicles. So I have also pressed into service my old Panzer I from the SCW to use it in our East Front project. 
Secondly, there are my first Soviet infantry in 28mm from "Warlord Games", old "Bolt Action" models I like a lot (I don´t understand why "Warlord Games" bought the Paul Hicks´ "Bolt Action" range and then concealed them to put for sale their new not so good figures...). 

These models are also for our East Front project, and I have painted them with a mix of green and brown colours because I don´t like the yellow colours "Warlord Games" shows in its web.

Very nice Juan. I really quite like that Panzer I. I'm eager to get a few Pz Is for my SCW project but I think I'll hold out to see Minairons' 1:56 resin kits, which are supposed to be released later this year. 

Yes, I too wish Warlord would make available their 'old' metal Bolt Action catalogue...

The Panzer I and the trio of Soviets will give Juan 30 points. Well done!


  1. That tanks real nice, as are the Russian Infantry. I have painted some of those self same models.


  2. Really like the tank, the shading and weathering is superb

  3. Excellent painting Juan, I love your style of painting!


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