Saturday, January 12, 2013

From ChrisP: 15mm WWII American Infantry (104 points)

From Chris:
Good news! Apparently shopping with the mother-in-law doesn't require me. Net result? Painting!
Here is some more of my 15mm Battlefront Americans.
First is the first Rifle Platoon, all older Battlefront miniatures, pretty stock standard. 9 Rifle teams, a Command team and the all important Bazooka!
Then we have a 4 stand Intelligence and Recon Platoon. I chose to put 3 guys on these medium bases so that I could tell them apart at a distance. The I&R boys will have some jeeps coming in the future, my plan is to re do all the infantry first, then the vehicles!
Last photo is a comparison shot of the old and new models. I promise that at least a few of the people reading this have said "they aren't bad" or that there "was no need for me to redo them". I disagree.
Probably a few went "god those are ugly" too....
Anyway, more 15mm US up next, then I think something different....
Keep avoiding the Monster-in-Law, you're doing great. I think the redux version looks very good and seem to be an improvement from your earlier work (though that wasn't shabby at all either).

This Rifle Platoon and IR Platton will give Chris 104 points which places him in the lead. Awesome work!  Now, you best tidy the house for Smaug's return...


  1. We have a battle for first. I also agree they did not look bad before but they sure look better now!


  2. good stuff, always love seeing FOW stuff
    Peace James

  3. Nice painting and great basing too!

  4. They look very good Chris and I esp like the basing improvement. Your speed of delivering here is amazing btw, impressive!


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