Friday, December 28, 2012

From MikeW: 15mm WWII American Infantry (80 points)

Mike delves for the first time into the world of 15mm and manages to fight his way through the project.

From Mike:

40 15mm Battlefront WW2 US Infantry in a mix of M1941 and M1943 uniforms (there's even one guy in M1941 with Herringbone Twill fatigue trousers), based for I Ain't Been Shot Mum. The 'Big Men' are on 1p and 2p coins, the rest on Flames of War bases. These are the last platoon of a company I've been working on for a while, as my first attempt at anything 15mm. I'm definitely starting to reach the conclusion that painting 15mm's to the standard some folks seem to be able to pull off is a younger man's game, though a 2x magnifier/daylight lamp and some decent brushes seem to help (and you do get a pleasant surprise when you look at them *without* the magnifier afterwards!)

Usual technical details - black Army Painter undercoat, Vallejo/Army Painter arcylics, a little help from a 0.2mm paintliner pen, and the bases are Tamiya diorama paint + Javis static grass and edged with Vallejo Flat Earth (and a white panel with platoon/section number inked on it at the back).

It's good that you preservered Mike, as they are very nice. I know it makes no material difference, but I like that these are going to be used for 'I Ain't Been Shot Mum' instead of the usual 'Flames of War'. 

These Yanks will give Mike 80 points to add to his tally. Well done!


  1. I'm with Curt on this one, great to see them being used for something different to FoW though I don't haveanything against it


    1. I do *mischievous grin*

      But, in all seriousness - I like the BF sculpts, and the general basing concepts work well for IABSM.

    2. Yeah, I'm no great fan either but I have to admit that they have virtually singlehandedly reinvigorated WWII miniature gaming.

  2. Very nice, and very useful for "I Ain´t Been Shot Mum", I think.

    1. IABSM does seem to 'get' the idea that it's infantry that wind up doing the down and dirty job of getting and holding objectives, with or without combined arms support.


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