Friday, December 28, 2012

From MarkB: Ronin #25 and Korean Swordsman (25 points)

Mark took a unique approach to the Challenge Ronin which I think is quite creative.

From Mark:

So I have the Samurai for you, he is a 28mm Perry Samurai casualty!  With the casualty is a victorious Choson (Korean) Heavy Infantry figure.  So why did I do this?  Well my wife is from Korea and she has a pretty strict no Japanese policy and so I figured I would keep her happy and paint a victorious Korean over an injured or dead Japanese Samurai.  The Koreans and Japanese do not have a very good history of being nice to each other.  

The Korean Heavy Infantry figure is also a Perry miniature and is the first of there miniatures that I have ever painted. They are very good and have a lot of detail with little to no flash.
Excellent stuff Mark, you've done a wonderful job on these two - Thanks very much! 

Poor Ronin #25 and the victorious Korean will give Mark 25 points. 


  1. ooooh, both figures are lovely and it's certainly an interesting twist :)

  2. It has been really cunnig, Mark. And very nice!!!

  3. Nice looking figs and keeping the wife happy, all I can say is perfect result


  4. Neato, gotta remember to keep the #1 in the house happy :)


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