Sunday, March 11, 2012

From RossM: 20mm WWII Germans & 28mm Vikings (45 points)

Ross sends us several figures from two very disparate periods of history - The Dark Age and World War Two.

From Ross:

The 28mm are from Gripping Beast and will form the backbone of a SAGA Viking Hearthguard. These figures are from the older range of Gripping Beast Vikings and the development and animation that is seen in the newer work isn't there. Still love the range though. The shields here are again hand painted although there isn't much of a design in either.

Next up there are two support weapons from SHQ 20mm WW2 Germans. These figures nearly complete the Disposable Heroes Late War Germans that I have been working on over the last two years. Shown here there is a 120mm mortar and a MG42. On both of these stands only the crew have been painted for the competition.

Lovely work Ross!  These two groups will give you a base of 43 points but I'm pipping it to 45 for the hand-painted shields.


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