Tuesday, January 10, 2012

From MilesR: War of 1812 US Regular Infantry (180 points)

Miles sends in another 'man-sized' US Regular infantry battalion for his new War of 1812 project. 

Like the rest of his collection to-date, these are 28mm Knuckleduster figures. Miles has mentioned on his blog that while the figures are not as finely sculpted as what you may find with some other ranges they are very characterful and paint-up well.

I'm looking forward to a group shot in a couple months to see how this collection looks then. It will be impressive.

So that's another 36 figures under the belt, giving Miles 180 points. Just enough to pip Ray!

This will make three full units that he has completed for this project in under a month. Excellent work, Miles! To me, this is what The Challenge is all about: making significant inroads on those new, existing or languishing projects - and having a little extra fun doing it. Very cool stuff.


  1. I thought the contest was all about beating Ray - that's what you said in your email err ummm.... is this mike on?, ohhh never mind.

    3 units done and 3 more to go. I may switch to some 15mm FOW stuff for a break once I finish refurbishing my gaming table.

    Ray - sorry for kicking you to the curb in my unrelenting quest for painting glory, it's nothing personal - just business.


  2. One point about the Knuckleduster figures - the sculpting is very good but some of the features are a bit exaggerated relative to aPerry miniature. They actually look great and give a lot of character to the minis.

  3. Well its not ALL about beating Ray, though according to Fran, it is a high and honourable aspiration to aim for.

  4. The objetive is to beat Ray? Ok, let´s go!

    Very nice unit, Miles. This collection you are painting is impressive.

    Best regards.

  5. Looking good Miles and I like miniatures with a lot of character as too perfect does lose some of the imagination at sometimes.


  6. Damn nice productive beating me making me sad work sir.....

  7. :0(
    Nobody loves me!

    Very nice Miles!

  8. Nice proper size unit you have there

  9. Well done, it's going to shame the 4 figures I have finuished and ready to photograph

    Good work



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