Tuesday, January 10, 2012

From KentG: 15mm Fallshirmjager Company (279 points)

'Galpy the Giant' issues forth another monster submission. This time a full 'Flames of War' Fallshirmjager  company (well minus one stand, I think).

These are 15mm Battlefront castings.

Nice job on the cammo, Kent, and I particularly like the jaunty blue scarf on the officer.

These 93 models will give Kent an impressive 279 points to his already staggering total.

...and you were going back to work when precisely? :)


  1. Excellent Kent, such good figures and such speed an unusual mix. On your blog you said you were unhappy with them but they look really good.


  2. Fantastic result again Kent. A very impressive tally!!

  3. tomorrow is my last day off, think i will spend it with the family doing some fun stuff, maybe a wee touch of painting to start the day early and finish it off.

  4. Nothing about painting tomorrow!!! You need a rest.
    Wonderful models. Such a very nice painting in this scale is something impressive.

    Best regards (and remember, Kent: "I´m not going to paint, I´m not going to paint...")

  5. Kent - what do you use to make the flowers among the grass on the bases? It's a great effect.

  6. the flowers are called meadow flowers by army painter, i just got another shipment from warlord games, great stuff


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