Saturday, January 14, 2012

From JuanM: French and Indian Wars Militiaman (5 points)

Hey, wait, this is not Napoleonic - Juan, you're supposed to be doing Napoleonics.  Juan has has obviously had a test of faith and has switched back to French and Indian Wars.

This militiaman in a Scot's bonnet is a 28mm Galloping Major figure from their French and Indian Wars range.

Napoleonics or not this guy will still give Juan another 5 points (and slips past me on the scoreboard, damn). Great figure, Juan!


  1. Very good work, I like the colours a lot

  2. A great looking figure Juan!!! Keep 'em coming!!!

  3. That is a nice figure and very well painted. Never heard of the company before - on my list to check out. Thanks, Dean

  4. Thank you very much. These figures are very easy to paint. And don´t worrie, Curt, I have the Prussians black-coated and waiting in their corner...

  5. Great paint job there Juan.

    Galloping Major


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