Saturday, January 14, 2012

From DallasE: 28mm Normans & Vikings

Dallas sends in two great groups of Dark Ages figures, one Viking and the other Norman.

The Vikings are from the 28mm Wargames Foundry range. 

Dallas, is the wolfhound Foundry as well? I quite like him.

The next group is a contingent of dismounted Normans. These are 28mm Gripping Beast figures.

I teased Dallas, asking what he was going to do with those two empty handed Normans. I thought he could model-in pints of beer. It could portray the nefarious Norman terror tactics  used against their reluctant English subjects - this one being the denial of beer. Yes, a crime against humanity if there ever was one...

Two of the Normans are prior to the Challenge so these boys (and shaggy hound) will give Dallas 65 points to his tally. Very nice stuff, Dallas! This brings him right in the rear-view- mirror of fellow Conscript Greg...


  1. Those are brilliant, you can't help but love the good old vikings

  2. Really beautiful models, Dallas. A great painting job.

  3. Really nice looking Dark Age material. Let sail the long ships!


    1. Thanks guys! I think I made a mistake when describing the models to Curt - the Vikings are from Crusader, not GB. The wolfhound is part of the Foundry command pack which is essentially why I chose to buy that pack... I'm a sucker for four-legged mascots! :-)

  4. Hey, Dallas, I was looking at those Viking sculpts (as I have a few of them myself) and I checked the Foundry site and at least 5 of your 6 vikings (including the wolfhound) are from Foundry (Pack VIK021). Not sure of the sword and shield guy, he might be Crusader. Yes, I definitely want that hound for my crew...

  5. Well whatever company they come from they look excellent , nice one Dallas!!


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