Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We Have Launch! The 2nd Annual Analogue Hobbies Winter Painting Challenge Has Begun

Well, we're off! Its now just after midnight on the 20th and I'm officially starting work on my first entry for 'The Challenge' and I know that all around the globe there are painters doing the same. Now, how wonderfully dorky is that!? I think its great.

This winter we have 24 painters representing 11 countries so the blog should have something new to show you every few days, if not more. 

I'm not sure what's on the roster for many of the guys but I'll be working on an Anlgo-Danish warlord command stand for SAGA. Depending on available time (and how much sleep I wish to deprive myself) I hope to get that done in the next day or so.

Ok guys, lets get the lead out!


  1. Best of luck to all of us. God speed our brushes!

    A motley collection first up for me. Napoleonic British artillery crew to start!

  2. Just starting with the spray paint now... best of luck to all :-)

  3. Good luck everyone, except Fran!!!! he he!

  4. Good luck all!

    Probably no painting for me on day one - a disappointing start!


  5. Good Luck to everyone including Ray (the cheater) Rousell!

  6. Off we go..Good luck all! Vikings for me to start with

  7. good luck to all even the angry man with the crazy moo Started Romans today man there's a lot of them no wonder i left them in the back of the cupboard.

  8. Good luck to everyone! Currently some Sherman's on my desk as I have a FOW game later this month, but also some Samurai,ACW and Arabs in the wings.


  9. Brigantes Warband for me, and probably a round of undercoat on some Napoleon at War cavalry mounts.

  10. Good luck to all of you, even Fran and Ray!

    I've started on a few new leaders for my Viking and Saxon war bands plus the Viking promised to El Supremo of Analogia,

    Next up a whole bunch of War of 1812 US and British figures and maybe a few Langton sailing ships just to cause havoc with the scoring!

    Happy holidays

  11. Good luck to you all! I will start to paint up some 20mm 88'ss, pak36's and a sole pak40 with their crews of course! With a bit of luck, the pak40 and crew maybe finished tonight!

    I've also recently bought some bolt action partisans which will be used for VBCW so they will probably show up somewhere along the way! Not mentioning the rest.

    Happy holdidays and christmas!

  12. Good luck to all of you. It looks as SAGA is the first option for many of us. I have had half of my Anglo-Danish band waiting for the begining of The Challenge but I´m going to begin with a very special Indian...

    Best Regards.

  13. Good Luck all, first up for me is a battle group of Lance armed LC and 16 Cretans all 15mm but at the same time I am starting a 28mm WWII project for use in Advanced Squad Leader, bases arrived today :-)

  14. 28mm WW2 sounds interesting Ian; I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  15. Good luck to you all!

    But I'm from Belgium, so "The Belgian" is my favorite! Go for it man!

    @Curt: I still want to paint that Viking for you. How can we arrange that?


  16. Best of luck guys,
    Won't be starting for a few days as the wife has me painting the house (how many points do I get for a hallway and 2 bedrooms? 3 coats!


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