Tuesday, December 20, 2011

First Out of the Gate - From MilesR - 28mm Vikings and a Lonely Norman (25 points)

Beating everyone to the punch, Miles came through within zero + sixteen hours (!) to submit the first entry to The Challenge. Here we have a mounted Norman (Gripping Beast, I believe) and two Vikings (of indeterminate heritage - the cads). 

Miles tells me that the Vikings are 'Christmas themed' thus the white hair, beards and red trim ;). As I said to him, nothing says the spirit of Christmas like a Jolly Olaf Nikolas splitting your head with a long axe, burning down your house and stealing your sh*t...

He used Citadel washes on these lads which did a nice job of adding depth. The shield transfers are from Litttle Big Men Studios (LBMS). 

This last fellow is my own 'Danegeld' for The Challenge. A Viking of my very own. I'll be calling him... Myls 'The Eager'.

Great stuff, Miles. You've claimed pole position on the scoreboard with 25 points!

Now, are the rest of you going to take that laying down? I know I'm not...


  1. Yaaaawwwwwwnn...

    Hmmm? What..?

    Oh, have we started, then? Fine, I'll get out my brushes...

    (Nice figures, Miles!)

  2. Very nice great start. Oh why did i start so many i've been painting skin now for what seems like forever and its only been an hour and they just keep on comin

  3. Incredible. Miles is going to be a very dangerous "foe"; 25 points in 16 hours... I expect to finish my first model today, expect.

    Very good job, Miles, they are great models.

  4. Nicely done, but mr tortoise will get ya!

  5. I really need to get some of my current lead mountain down to start some of these.

  6. That was quick! And so nice painted! Wonderfull Miles!


  7. Thanks for the compliments

    All the figures are Gripping Beast. The foot figure with the two handed axe is the one that comes with the SAGA ruleset and the other is from the command sprue of the plastic box set of GB Vikings.

    I've started work on some War of 1812 infantry but those will take awhile.


  8. OOH! Can't wait to see the 1812 stuff, Miles! I've embarked on a similar project this year as well!

  9. Thanks for clarifying the 'background' of your Vikings. I must say the plastics from them look quite good.

    You're using Knuckleduster for your 1812 stuff, right?


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