Saturday, December 31, 2011

From RayR: 15mm FIW French Infantry 'La Sarre' and Goldilocks' Bane (89 points)

As many of you may have noticed in reading our hobby's little corner of the blogosphere in the weeks leading up to The Challenge, Fran and Ray have had a little grudge-match regarding who will be the better man to come out of 3-months of painting. Neither has spared any bile or vitriol in goading each other. Both have stated that they could care less who else actually wins as long as he pips the other. Well, today we have Ray with his opening salvo and Fran, I know, will not be far behind...

Here we have a very nice unit of 28 figures depicting the Regiment 'La Sarre', a French battalion which served during  the French and Indian War. 

I notice that one of the colours is 'faded' and I'm wondering if there is some back story to that?

These are 15mm Esssex castings. 

Ray's second entry rides the edge of the Challenge parameters, but I'm going to let it in - I can hear Fran, like this bear, gnashing his teeth from a continent away... So we have here a Cave Bear which would be very suitable in devouring any of Juan's recent models.

This is a Steve Barber 28mm model

So altogether this group will net Ray 89 points. Welcome aboard Ray! Fran, you may give fire...


  1. Awesome work Ray. I really like what you have done.

  2. I see we have gone for quantity and not quality Ray!

  3. @Fran: Ah, yes, thus it begins in earnest...



  4. Nice units Ray and the bear looks mean!


  5. Cheers Guys, except Fran that is!!! I'm very glad I beat the Gingerwinger in posting first, he he!!

  6. Yes, this bear is a very "historic", in my opinion (and that of my poor Indians).

    @Ray: At last you have appeared, with a lot of models! They are very nice.

    Best regards (and good luck in your fight with Fran...)

  7. Very nice Ray, the Bear is great but the unit is better, some fancy brush work for sure.

  8. Ray - this basing is interesting. What system are you basing them for? Neat to see a horse-and-musket unit based individually like that...

  9. @ Greg B - They're based for a semi skirmish set of rules that I've been trying to write for over a year. I would have loved to di the period in 25mm, but my wallet says NO!


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