Saturday, December 31, 2011

From KentG: 28mm WWII British (140 points)

Kent has shifted gears and sends in this excellent group of WWII British models. I'll review them with you in succession. First we have a 6 pounder and its 2 crew.

Next is two groups of infantry, 21 total.

A Piat team of 2 figures.

And a Mortar team of 3 figures.

Great work on these models, Kent! I quite like the groundwork. (As I think you can tell, I have a thing for groundwork...)  I'm not sure on the figures' manufacture but perhaps Kent can tell us  later in the comments. This submission will give him 150 points. Great stuff Kent!


  1. Very nice and really like that 6 pounder!


  2. The figures look like Warlord Games/Bolt Action Miniatures.

    Nicely done, Kent!

  3. they are nice figures to paint and already recieved an offer to buy them! Go figure.

  4. Kent, your output is astounding and impressive work to boot. I'd say keep em cming, but not sure you need any encouragement to keep this pace up!

  5. Very nice work, Kent; you are incredible!

    The 6 pounds is great.


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