Saturday, April 23, 2011

Test Models: 28mm Perry Dismounted Dragoons

I assembled and painted these to get an idea of how they would look done-up as skirmishing models for both 'big battalion' games and the odd 'Sharpe Practice' dust-up. I think you get 8 in a box and I have about four boxes so I should be good for making a decent sized unit (assuming I don't go mad gluing my fingers together).

I used the same basic paint scheme as my mounted dragoon regiment so as to be able to depict them in their hybrid role as ground troops. I think I'm going to go back over these to dirty them up a little. They look a little too crisp and clean for my tastes.

Does anybody know of any good horse models that are 'at rest' that I could use for making up a horse holder stand? I thought such a stand would serve well as a rally position and a place where the regimental colours would be situated while the rest of the unit is dispersed to the front.

AND I get to chip in with another 3 points to the Challenge. Woo! (Cripes, talk about 'nickel and diming' to stay near the lead, eh?)


  1. Thanks Christopher! Its not much of a 'unit' yet but it is a start.

    BTW, I really like those Artizan WWII Airborne you've done up - nice job!


  2. They are very nice, I will have to consider painting up the ones I have.


  3. Very nice and very interesting subject Curt,
    I didn't actually know the Perrys had produced dismounts dragoons.

  4. Cheers guys! Yeah, a few years ago it was kinda slim pickings for 28mm dismounted dragoons but now its quite easy to get a good batch together. This is especially good as many of the 'Sharp Practice' scenarios set in Spain call for a bushel of them.

  5. Very nice - I wish they had an option to be able to purchase additional dismounted figures to get the same number as the mounted ones.

  6. Thanks Miles. The Perry's do sell the dismounted dragoons as a separate sprue. I believe they go for 1 pound per frame of 2 models. Just check their website under the 'Plastics Range'.


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