Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Side Project: 'Architects of War' Terrain

When I first saw some of the 'Architects of War' stuff online I was quite intrigued as it seemed like high quality, well thought-out terrain. Then I saw JohnM's review of the their brilliant Tree Bases on his blog and that sealed it - I wanted to get some of this for my own table. Over the Christmas season Barb and Bernie at Architects of War had a great 'North American Terrain' deal which I was quite keen on. As it turned out, in the chaos of the holiday season I completely missed the deadline for placing an order.  Nonetheless they were kind enough to fill it after the fact and even allowed me to fiddle around with swapping in substitutes. Thanks very much guys!

Behold, a crap-load of resin and white metal!
The shipping box was very well packed and packaged and the same can be said for the individual items. I haven't had time to go through each of the boxes yet but the ones I have examined look very good.  The resin is very clean, crisp in detail and most importantly, not warped. The white metal looks well-formed and the castings seem quite clean. 

The pig sty - very reminiscent of my bedroom as a teenager...

I think with this order I have a decent sampling of products from their General Purpose range. There's two sets of trees, a large plowed field, a turnip field, tobacco field, garden, family burial plot, dung heap, farm implements, a well and a pig sty.
An example of a finished piece from the website.

I'll post photos of each of the pieces as they come off the painting desk.


  1. There products do look nice, just wich they did it all in 15mm as well.

  2. Once you finish all that I would suggest getting the church / meeting house. It's a really neat model


  3. @Ray - Yeah, its disappointing when you find a range of terrain that is not in your scale.

    @Miles - Once I get my Napoleonic project under grips I think I'll probably move back to ACW. Then I'll pick up the Meeting House and Jebodiah's Shack as they both look quite characterful.


Thanks for your comment! As long as you're not a spam droid I'll have it up on the blog soon. :)